Affordable, on-demand, and quality
mental wellness for everyone
using psychological artificial intelligence

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Introducing Tess

Our flagship psychological artificial intelligence


  • "Tess is a reliable and valid augmentation to traditional therapy. Her capacity to employ various psychological modalities, from CBT to EFT, make Tess a versatile psychological AI to support students."
    Russell Fulmer, Phd, Licensed Professional Counselor
  • Saint Elizabeth & Elizz are working with Tess to explore new ways to support patients and family caregivers.
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  • Edith Shippers, Dutch Minister of Health, Welfare and Sport, speaks with Tess to commence her opening keynote during eHealth Week 2016
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  • "Using technology to screen patients for depression and partner in counseling can improve the care we deliver; pediatricians have limited time per patient encounter, and commonly insufficient resources to deliver this service."
    Lloyd N. Werk, MD, MPH, Division Chief, General Academic Pediatrics, Nemours Office of Quality and Safety, Nemours Florida Prevention Initiative
  • "Deterioration of symptoms can be reduced by more frequent depression screenings, immediate access to psycho-education, and timely access to psychological support."
    Michael Rabinoff, Board Certified Psychiatrist, Kaiser Permanente Medical Center, San Jose
  • "Continuously supporting patients using technology greatly improves the quality of care and its sustained effects, especially if support is offered right after they take a depression screener, in between sessions with the psychologist, and after their treatment has officially ended."
    Thomas Millam, Co-Chair of Psychiatry, Virginia Tech; Psychiatrist, Carillon Clinic
Improve patient care case management with timely 24/7 treatment
Capture and resolve urgent escalations in real-time
Provide mental wellness on-demand
Scale across entire patient base cost-effectively
Support patients with multi-lingual capabilities, now in English, Dutch, Arabic, and Spanish
Secure patient data and comply with healthcare regulations

Use Cases

Natural evaluation of ehealth course
Questionnaire automation
Improving therapy adherence
Mental support whilst within a medical setting
Coping with mental issues tied to medication
Caregiver burnout prevention

22,740 people have thought about suicide today in the U.S.
2,370 people have attempted suicide today in the U.S.
94 people have killed themselves today in the U.S.
90% of these suicides were preventable
7.6% of the U.S. population suffer from depression
45.7% of these people do not seek help due to cost
40% of productivity loss, and 10% of work days is lost as a result
90% of people can be treated right now.


Implementation Fee:
Variable per Tuning and Customization

Platform Fee:
$50/month per Internal User

Patient Fee:
$1/month per patient

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Introduction to Tess

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